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Sub-Station Connectors

Sub-Station Connectors
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Industrial Substation Connector

An electrical substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers. Electric power may flow through several substations between generating plant and consumer, and may be changed in voltage in several steps.

A substation that has a step-up transformer increases the voltage while decreasing the current, while a step-down transformer decreases the voltage while increasing the current for domestic and commercial distribution. The word substation comes from the days before the distribution system became a grid. The first substations were connected to only one power station where the generator was housed, and were subsidiaries of that power station.

H.E.I fabricates a complete line of Electrical Substation Connectors having exceptional quality. Different standard styles of Power Substation Connectors are provided for varied standard applications. Keeping the manufacturing tradition, H.E.I. provides custom industrial substation connectors for meeting customer's exclusive requisites.

Our company is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of 2/3 bolted P.G. clamp, terminal connector (compression type), UPG clamp, L.A. clamp, T-connector (compression type), bus support coupler, T-connector bolted type, palm connector (compression type), pad connector, bimetallic T-connector for single/twin conductor, bus support connector, t-clamp, isolator clamp, bi-metallic connector, come-along clamp bolted type, vibration damper.

Rigid Stud Type Terminal Connectors, Expansion Stud Type Connectors, Universal Connectors, Rigid Pad Type Connectors: Expansion Type Pad Connectors.

T. Connectors: Tube Conductor, Single Branch Angle Connector, Buss Support Clamps, Parallel G. Clamps, PG Clamps, Grounding Connectors, Compression Type Connectors (Upto 400 KV).

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